FapTurbo 2 Forex Robot

FAPTurbo Review

What is FAPTurbo?

FAPTurbo is one of the best and the first Automated Forex Trading Robot (a.k.a Forex Expert Advisor)

A Forex Robot is basically a software that automatically do forex trades on behalf of you. i.e a software that runs in your computer and trade with your real money account to generate profit for you. Forex Robot at Wikipedia ].

Forex Robots has a unique algorithm inside it to programatically detect the best time to buy/sell in a given currency period. Forex Robots has been making huge profits for its users ever since its launch. FapTurbo is the first Forex Bot and is still considered as one of the best forex robot. The robot is developed by Steve and Mike 5 years ago and over 80,000 copies of FAPTurbo is sold out till date (official values).

A new version of FAPTurbo known as FapTurbo 2 has released with better algorithm and tons of more features. Check FAPTurbo2 now


FapTurbo 2 – Fap Turbo Version 2.0

FapTurbo 2 is a major upgrade to the traditional Fap Turbo Forex Robot with improved performance, new features and better returns. FAP Turbo 2 has all the features of the old version which is improved and optimised to boost the performance.

FAPTurbo 2

The new features of FAPTurbo 2 are:

Dual Licensing system where you can have 2 license of the robot 25% instant profit + 1000% matchup in license 2.

Bitcoin Trading - Bitcoin is a new crypto-currency tat is gaining huge popularity. FapTurbo 2 can trade in Bitcoins and generate you tons of profit.

More Currencies Added - 6 new currencies has been added to Fap Turbo 2.0

Patented Technology – The working technology behind FAPTurbo is unique to it and is patented.


FapTurbo 2 Earning proof

The below is a detailed statement of FapTurbo 2  Trading Account. Have a look at how your account will look like when you use FapTurbo 2.

Click here to download FAPTurbo 2 


FapTurbo Version 1

The old Version of FAPTurbo is also available for download. In case you prefer the older version (don’t know why you should), you can get it from the below link.


Click here to download FAPTurbo 1


FAPTurbo Review – Features

  • FAP Turbo is perhaps the first forex robot and the only robot that can actually do the task without any errors.
  • Trade for you even when you are busy with something else
  • Make sure you never miss a good trade
  • It is used by thousands and thousands of customers and is still performing very well.
  • Works with all MT4 enable brokers
  • You can test the robot with a demo account first and make sure it work for you.
  • The only robot that is still being sold for 4 years. Other robots usually crash up and loss your money.
  • The only forex robot in existence that is able to double real monetary deposits in a month since the year 1999 on backtests
  • User Guide and Video Tutorials along with the program.
  • Cheap Sales Price considering the quality of the product.

You can see live Money Account Proof in FAPTurbo Homepage

Why you need FAPTurbo?

  • Even if you are a successful trader, you can’t watch the market 24 hours.
  • You can let this software do the job even when you are not sleeping, making sure you never miss a good trade.
  • All trades executed at accurate time without making a mistake.
  • Works 24/7 in your PC or you can run it in a VPS Server.
  • You as a human, can often make mistake while trading, but the software does the job exactly and accurately the way we want.

How FAPTurbo is different from other robots?

  • Its the first ever Forex Robot.
  • You can start trading with even $50.
  • Performs well on all market conditions.
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • The only forex robot in existence that is able to double real monetary deposits in a month since the year 1999 on backtests.
  • 24/7 Customer Support using email, and forums.
  • 60 Days Money-back Guarantee.

FAP Turbo is the best Forex Robot ever that has made many online millionaires. The product still sells like a candy since last 3 years, when other robots hardly sells for 2 weeks.

All you need to have is to keep your computer turned on all the time, or you can buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from them for a small monthly fee and run the software in it.

FAP Turbo Live Results in Real Money Account.

Still don’t think it works? Watch the live results.


These live updates is a clear proof that FAPTurbo performs well. The page auto update every 15 minutes. This is a $ 10000 USD LIVE Account

ITS NOT A BACKTEST. Its real results from a real money account for last three years.


FAP Turbo Price

So how much does this great system cost? $1000? $500? Well that is the price that something like this should cost. But well, the price of FAP Turbo is $149.

The price is very low when compared to other forex robots.

You can download FAPTurbo for a one time fee of $149 from the official Homepage

Download FAP TurboFAPTurbo Download

FAP Turbo Discount/Bonus/Rebate

The price of FAPTurbo is  $149 as per their homepage.

You can get discount on FAPTurbo when you click this link : FAPTurbo Discount

All you have to do is to go the homepage and close the window. Then a special offer will come that will save you some bucks.

You can also get our FAPTurbo Bonus/ FAP Turbo Rebate from this page : http://www.fapturbo.co/fap-turbo-bonus-rebate-discount/

FAPTurbo Review

Post your reviews on FAP Turbo if you are a customer of this software, so that it will help other users to know the truth.

You can also read many customer reviews from www.fapturbo.com